The Magic in the stash

With our secret magic stash –
the Cryo Hops we deliver a
uniquely flavourful, less bitter and beyond approachable IPA! 


CRYO HOPS™ from Yakima Chief Hops are a hop product
in which Lupulin, the yellow, pollen-like material within the
hop cone (which carries the essential oils and acids used for brewing),
is cryogenically separated from the hop with a Nitrogen
bath at sub-zero temps.  Since 2011, Hop Valley has been collaborating
with YCH on Cryo Hops™ innovation!


It's a relatively simple process...

Harvest the hops. Deliver to Yakima Chief Hops. Deep freeze the hops. Shatter the hops. Separate the lupulin glands. Package and send to Creemore ON. Brew with Cryo hops. Drink the cryo hops.

Check out some fun videos for more info!