Brewmaster's Couch with Brandon Trevor Patty Brewmaster's Couch with Brandon Trevor Patty

Brew master's couch

Founded in 2009 in the quirkiest enclave of Oregon’s most free-spirited city, Eugene,  Hop Valley Brewing proudly embraces the influences of our counter-culture surroundings.   Our innovative, colourfully named and approachable beers proudly show our true character and invite all others to do the same.

Our main point of difference comes the magic of our secret stash:  This comes from a dedicated, hard-working friendship with Yakima Chief Hops.   Since 2011 we have helped to develop the Cryo Hop™ process. Thus, creating and nurturing our Stash Series of beers, the first of which, is Bubble Stash.   Now available across Canada.

Now available across Canada